AGNIHOTRA Vedic Fires for our Planet

« You heal the atmosphere and the atmosphere heals you. »

My journey in Australia ended at Om Shree Dham Farm where I felt the bliss to dive into Homa Therapy atmosphere. I had that thought: wow, if I had known this in the first place, I would have spent my whole trip there!

« Homa is a Sanskrit word used here as a synonym for Yajnya. Yajnya is the technical term from the Vedic science of bioenergy for the process of removing toxic conditions of the atmosphere through the agency of fire. You heal the atmosphere and the healed atmosphere heals you. » Shree Vasant

From half a kilometre distance, I began to feel the change in energy on the road, as if we were stepping in a Pranic cocoon of more nourishing and bright Light. This impression kept on and stabilized once we entered the farm. Approaching Lee, our delicate and powerful host and guide into Homa Therapy, I directly noticed the radiance, flow and peace of her energy and had a vision of her chi circulating as a taurus all around her physical body… Well it was a good beginning!

During the first meditative space we held with the team living on site, I was very touched. I could hear the voice of some yoga Master speaking in my head, underlining the rectitude and importance of this work. Some inner tears of Joy, Light, Truth, were washing my depths.

I felt asleep with a very renewed sense of Love for myself…I slipped into the Dream World where I experienced a field of powerful protection– this kind of crystalline and liquid vortex of the highest frequency of Unity that I used to associate with the activation of my body of light, Merkabah. I had some reminiscence of tough shamanic attacks that have had disturbed me for months in the field of my work as a holistic therapist. This time, the attacks could not enter my sphere of light. I felt so grateful and relieved as I awoke.


The way Lee and Fritz have shared their stories, experiences, knowledge and practice with us the next couple of days were so imprinted by selfless service and concern for Mother Gaïa. They sounded totally surrendered to their work, from sunrise to sunset and even several hours more, performing Home throughout lighting fire in meditation, caring for the farm, answering calls and mails, organizing satsang/sharings, building a Retreat and Refuge, investing in a happy, healthy, holly future… The tears in the eyes of Lee when she spoke of her teacher Shree Vasant revealed the source of her aspiration.

Back in France my son really enjoys sitting with us for every fire and reminds me to prepare it when we happen to be late. We also shared the practice with a few other families of friends and all the children were becoming calmer and more focused with the fire, sometimes letting go of a lot of stress and difficult emotions. I believe it may be a precious practice for hyperactive children.

What is Homa Therapy and its main practice, Agnihotra (the fires hold at sunset and sunrise)? Looking deeper into it, I have perceived a pure Ray of Energy descending from an unreachable distance, as an invincible pillar of luminous particles emanating in the atmosphere. Such a simple protocol for such an efficient return…

Shree Vasant Paranjpe has been dedicating his life to resuscitate the Vedas, under utmost elevated guidance. “The sacred Vedas have conferred the right upon each and everybody in the human society to perform agnihotra and derive benefits individually as well as collectively. Agnihotra simultaneously releases forces beneficial to our entire planet and its environs.”


Fivefold Path Mission, India

Om Shree Dham, Australia