Holistic Healing Today

Restoring the matrix of peace, love and perfection within yourself, this is true medicine.  I recently experienced a state of unbalance in my physical body that made me ask this question: with all the yoga practices I have done in my life, would I be ready to cope with an advanced state of degeneration in my physical body? Do I currently acknowledge the parts of myself and of my life that still need healing and how can I embrace them more tightly, making them feel continuously loved and supported? Will I have the discernment of what path of healing is right for me? Do I have the power to switch on now my inner point of command for self-generation now?

When confronted with serious diseases and the conjoined fear sent to us by the official guardians of health and most of our relations in our dysfunctional societies, we shall be prepared to stick at our inner ability to feel what’s going on with us and what feels right to us. We shall be prepared to ask the Divine Will itself to bring us answers, human field of supports and learning situations that make us go forward on our healing journey. We are all unique beings with extremely complex stories of expansion in the multiple dimensions of the soul. How can one person state that he knows all of our processes in resonance, from the core of our beings to the surfaces of our bodies and the ways these processes are to enfold in the future? May there be compassion, patience and humbleness in the so-called world of medicine.

When contemplating energy and interdependence fields, who knows how much eating dead animals that have suffered their lives impact our inner rythms? And who knows how much ingesting drugs that are produced through animal testing and enrich the capital of a few families of stake holders without any concern for the state of our Mother Body – the Earth – make our beings move towards balance, truth and happiness? Going on further on these fields of karmic bondage and chains of transgenerational memories, do we have an idea of how much the memories of World Wars I & II impact the well-being of our souls that are born in European bodies?

And so, how can we heal all these dramatically heavy layers of realities, in order to come back to a sense of understanding and deep gratitude vibrated in all of our beings? To me, it is a laboratory in progress… And every year, every month and week, I see more and more light in the process of this laboratory of our specie, and I feel blessed to meet beloved souls contributing so strongly to it. Our works of faith and concern for truth in the field of healing are seeds for several generations to come who themselves will come to a radically new level of achievement of being human. Join us on these new pathways for Liberation.

Mukhande- 19 01 19