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Agnihotra in France… spreading the spirit of yagna

Article écrit pour le journal de la communauté internationale Agnihotra, décembre 2020, par Solen Mukhande


February 2019, I came back to France after a 6 months journey in India and Australia, an insightful journey of inner teachings and outer marvels, that ended up in such a luminosity, when I met Agnihotra in Perth and then visit Om Shree Dam a few days before my return flight. From there on, practicing Agnihotra and reflecting on the five-fold path have been such a personal shelter for me and my son, that I guess it has spread naturally in my relations…

I have been working as a (shamanic/holistic) therapist, a (kriya) yoga teacher, an author, a cultural event and spiritual immersion producer… those kind of social interfaces where homa therapy could easily be introduced and reach out new audience. A dozen of soul sisters in different areas of the country have been touched by the consciousness of the path and have begun to practice Agnihotra very regularly, gracefully irradiating in their areas. A few colleagues from the kundalini yoga community have also aspired to go deeper with the vision, thinking about creating a dedicated farm with cows.

I often felt that the spirit of the Vedic fire itself was guiding me to land, share and serve in specific ways, time and place, beyond what I could have ever planned, organized or structured from my personal position. It has been as if sunrise and sunset fires were creating portals of alignment and restructuration, that would blow into my reality special opportunities… in order to mix and expand the purest vibes of this “pranic medicine” on Earth.

A few days before the first lock down in France, March 2020, I went to visit Bhrugu Aranya, Poland. I cherish my short but blessed immersion over there. Their project of Center of Light really resonated as a possible new point for deep human regeneration here in Europe, in a close future. I might be back there in a while… with a new rising tribe of rainbow warriors, praying strong and steel for the rebirth of Planet Earth! In the meanwhile, I keep up day after day with the winds of transition, lightning these fires on the ashes of the residual pasts. Facing the flames I listen to nature and I come back to my here and now, where all dream come true…


Thank you for all your fires!

One Team One Heart One Mind

And thank you to the Elders of Homa Therapy community for their service ¤