Health and Therapeutic Benefits of Shatkarma

Shatkarma cleanses the body so that the body becomes pure from all doshas, and the practitioner can efficiently perform higher yogic practices with ease and effectiveness. These practices have various therapeutic benefits for both body and mind. But before incorporating any cleansing methods into your lifestyle, you must first understand the problems and consult with … Read more

Yoga Inversions – suitable or not?

Are Yoga Inversions Good for You? Yoga is a very ancient and vast practice. Inversion yoga is part of asana, so before understanding inversion asanas are good for you, we need to understand what inversion means.  Yoga inversions are considered asanas in which practitioners place the head below their heart and hips. This means that … Read more

Neti Pot: Nasal Irrigation Tool

Shatkarma is an essential yogic purification method, and according to Yogic texts such as Hatha Yoga Pradipika and Gherand Samhita, Neti cleanses the cranium region and gives extrasensory perception. It also destroys all diseases above the throat. We can only find Sutra Neti in classical Hatha Yogic texts, but Jala Neti is a prevalent yogic … Read more

Yogic cleansing methods in Hatha Yoga Pradipika

Shatkarma, Shatkriyas, or yogic cleansing methods, are six yogic techniques that help to detox different body parts. Hence, the practitioner’s body and mind become purified, so they prepare for higher practices such as asana and Pranayama.  Shatkarma are in classical Hatha yoga texts such as ‘Hatha Pradipika,’ ‘Gheranda Samhita,’ etc. The ‘Hatha Ratnavali’ is another … Read more

Shatkarma an overview

The word ‘Shatkarma’ is derived from the Sanskrit language; In Sanskrit, Shat means six, and karma means actions. In Shatkarma, six techniques help to detox different body parts. These six purification practices are also known as Shat kriyas, Sodhan kriyas, cleansing practices, etc. Hatha yoga practices use these six purification methods to detox so their … Read more

Cork Yoga Mat – Should you buy one?

What is a cork yoga mat? In the modern era, Yoga is essential for everyone because of contemporary lifestyle side effects of stress and mechanical lifestyle, so the easy solution to manage this is Yoga as a practitioner; you can practice anywhere in your garden, office, yoga studio, at your living room, beach, etc. and … Read more